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PSY2030-Written Extra Credit Assignments
The goal of this assignment is to read an academic journal article and demonstrate that you
understand the important methods and statistics information. You are to produce a written summary
of one of the joumal articles found in the “Extra Credit Assignment Articles” folder, responding to
the questions below.
Assignments should be uploaded as a Word or pdf document under the Assignments tab in Canvas.
Written assignments are due by Wednesday, April 27th. at 11:30 pm (Note: this is a later date than
listed on the syllabus, due to my delay in posting the assignment.)
Each written article assignment will be worth 5 points.
Provide the following in your report:
1. Include the APA style citation for the article at the top of the page.
2. What is the primary research question or hypothesis?
3. Name the statistical test the researchers used to test this research question/hypothesis (e.g..
single sample z test). Even if the authors only report something like “test” or “ANOVA” you
should articulate which specific type of test was conducted.
4. Report the statistical results (in APA format) of the primary research question. You might
locate relevant findings from the text as well as relevant tables (or perhaps a combination of
5. Summarize the interpretation of the results-what do these statistics tell us regarding the
research question/hypothesis?
6. Given the findings, identify one follow-up research question that researchers could test in a
future study. (Should not be one suggested by the authors in the article.) This comes from
you, not the article, but should reflect critical consideration of the research question(s) and
results of the article.  

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