1. read the pegasus corporation case: pegasus corporation has

1. Read the Pegasus Corporation Case:

Pegasus Corporation has successfully selected a new work alone device technology manufacturer. The work alone device and the supporting monitoring service provider and an emergency response provider form a complete integrated “work alone system”. The technology is leading edge and there are many requirements to be defined and agreed on within the contract and a supporting service level agreement. Workers in a work alone environment must send signals via the work alone device every two hours while on shift and signal a beginning and end of shift signal. Any failure to send in the required signal triggers an escalated response process to determine the location and worker status.

The system is designed for workers working alone in all sorts of environments including working in remote geographic areas. When working in cellular coverage areas, the system accesses available cellular networks. Outside of cellular networks the system polls specific satellite coverage. This ensures that workers are always able to send update signals and can be tracked via the unit’s GPS capability.

You are the buyer responsible for the contract management for this sourcing strategy and initiative.

2. Complete a case study to the appropriate depth in accordance with the detailed case study format. Include the process content for the following elements in the contract management process:

a) Contract formation

b) Performance scorecard (Service Level Agreement)

c) Contractor reporting

d) Continuous improvement goals, measures

e) Management of Change (MOC)

f) Supplier Performance Management

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