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I need 2-3 pages reflective essay on the following given instruction. Must follow reflection essay rubric carefully. Below are details of required Additional Resources and attached Textbook Readings. Must included references as mentioned in APA. Must be 100% original.



1.      Beginning with the two opposing viewpoints on the topic of human experimentation and international clinical trials explained in the Textbook Readings, complete and submit a 2-3 pages reflective research paper in which you clearly state and defend a thesis on the topic.

2.      Your essay should make good use of the two articles from the Textbook Readings as well as two articles from additional resources.

3.      The position you defend should be informed by a particular moral principle and should make meaningful reference to the chapters from the textbook and the supplemental resources.

4.      You may also use additional academic resources.

5.      Be sure to cite all sources using APA format.


Reflection Essay Rubric:

1.      Your essay will be evaluated on your selection, interpretation, and application of the relevant moral principle to support your argument.

2.      Evaluation of your word choice, spelling, and punctuation, as well as the organization of your essay, are included in the grade determination.

3.      Finally, remember that while the empirical data and research are certainly relevant and important in this area, the thesis that you defend and the argument you submit are not empirical; you are developing and defending a normative argument about what is the morally correct position in this case.


Additional Resources:

       Walter Cronkite on the Nuremberg Trials



       Eric G., Y., &Munir, K. M. (2004). Regulatory and ethical principles in research involving children and individuals with developmental disabilities. Ethics & Behavior, 14(1), 31-49. Available through EBSCOhost.


       Tuskegee syphilis experiment at the CDC:



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