3 page god in the mirror paper


As we have been learning during the past seven weeks, marketing agents must learn how to promote or brand their company image. In other words, when customers look at the company, what image or qualities do they see? In the same way, when people, both believers, and non-believers look at you, what do they see? 

An important quote from the book: “You are more amazing and wonderful than you know. This book is about the real you, about the you that God created you to be. But who is that person and how is that person supposed to live?” (McPherson, 2013, p.7)

After reading M. McPherson’s God in the Mirror, student’s are required to write a paper on the Most Valued Lessons (MVL) learned from this textbook. More specifically:
(a) What areas of YOUR life do you want to change to better reflect the Lord’s love?
(b) How can you use this book to better serve others?
(c) How can you use these lessons in today’s business arena?  

Paper requirements:
Address the three questions  (a, b, and c) above
2 – 3 pages (not including title page)
Use appropriate APA guidelines

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