3. perform a market/submarket analysis – current and high potential

Group Submission – Industry Analysis


Each team is required to prepare a comprehensive industry analysis for the industry that you intend on utilizing for your Marketing Plan for the class.  There is a maximum 15 – 20 paged paper (executive summary, exhibits, references, appendices, cover sheet, and any other material deemed relevant may be added to the above page limit).   This analysis is the preliminary report to start your Marketing Plan Project.  If you exceed the page requirement, your grade will be penalized and I will not read beyond the maximum page limit.

For your particular industry analysis, if there is information in the template that you think is unavailable or irrelevant, or if there is information you wish to add that is not in the template, please contact me in a timely manner. Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 can be included in the document in any order. Part 5 must be the last major part of the paper. Do not duplicate information across the various sections of the template. 

  1. Perform an External and Internal Environmental Analysis
    1. External environment yields opportunities and threats 
    2. Internal environment yields strengths and weaknesses – focus on things that contribute most to market success 
  2. Perform a Competitor Analysis 
    1. Identify and analyze the three most important direct competitors 
    2. Identify other current and potential direct competitors
    3. Identify current and potential indirect competitors
  3. Perform a Market/Submarket Analysis – current and high potential 
  4. Perform a Customer Analysis – current and high potential 
  5. Provide a Comprehensive Strategy Assessment
    1. Describe each key competitor’s current positioning/marketing strategy 
    2. What are each key competitor’s major sources of competitive advantage 
    3. What additional sources of competitive advantage could each develop in the future
    4. Select one competitor for further focus, then provide
      1. New positioning and accompanying new marketing strategies that you recommend for it
      2. Why you recommend these particular strategies
      3. How these strategies would be implemented
      4. How their success should be measured

You must use correct APA citation for all the information that you used in this assignment. 

The below attached document is my topic

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