3 questions

I’ve also posted additional aid after each question. Please refer to it. Essay 1500-2000 words 

Please state example whenever possible. 

(a) Describe the general purpose of the statement of comprehenive income. In addition, explain the terms income and expenses as defined by the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting.

This is how part (a) should consists of: 

statement of comprehensive income

-measures performance of company

comprehensive income (other comprehensive income (NOT FROM trading / operations)

Trading profit and loss account 

-for a period of time usually less 1 year

Define statement of comprehensive income (aim and purpose)

Define income (revenue and gain)

Define expenses (expenese and losses) 

the explain dintinguish both the revenue gain, expenses and losses 

Recognition criteria 

measuremen bases

historical cost

(b) Describe the general purpose of the statement of financial position. In addition, explain the terms asset, liability and equity as defined by the conceptual framework for financial reporting

This is what part (b) should consists of:

Statement of financial position

-measures of financial postition

-balance sheet


Resources of company – what the company owns?

Source of funds – what the company owes? 

Purpose of statement of financial position

Define it’s aim and pirpose, who are the users and what do they look for from this statement?

Define asset (current, non-current)

Recognition of assets

define liabilities (current, non-current)

Recognition of liabiilities

Measurement + all bases in iAS1 + fair value

Define equity (prove components accounts) 

Do equity for limited company, sole trader and partnership

Statement of changes in equity (capital)

(c) Explain the accrual basis of accounting by defining the principles involved. Illstrate your answer by taking the example of te cost of sales adjustment in statement of comprehensive income.

There are 2 parts to (c): 

For the accrual  basis:

Explain what is accrual basis

Contrast with cash basis

Explain the matching concept

The 4 underlying principles

For the cost of sales adjustment: 

Do not google, just help me to give example and then express it in wordings. 

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