40 points) Game Experience Report II & III. This week you will continue experiencing a simulated realistic Project Management scenario, in which you will be confronted with project obstacles that require decisions to keep the “project” on track. You will be immersed in a realistic situation, role-playing as a project manager.

The simulation includes several episodes within the project lifecycle (Episode I (introduced earlier in week 5), II, & III) and each episode will provide its own options and consequences. These options and consequences will have no bearing on the other episodes. Within each episode, random elements are included to create uncertainty. It’s highly recommended that you try out other options after your first choice and go through each possible path within the project lifecycle. At the end of each episode you will see a resolution to the problem you encountered.

  1. Complete episode II and III, provide your rationale for your choice, review the given final consequence, and write a brief summary regarding episode II and III respectively
  2. Experience other possible options/paths that lead to different consequences, comment on the differences
  3. In the concluding report, comment also on the entire PM game experience (Episode I, II, & III), focusing on the skills utilized, decisions made, challenges encountered, and results you received

Note 1: Episode II and Episode III files can be found under Modules folder, check Module 8 ->“Lecture Notes” for this week.

Note 2: if needed, go to Canvas, under Modules folder, check Module 5 ->“ Lecture Notes” ->“PM e-Game” to review the PM Scenario & Overview and PM Schedule files for game scenario background information. 

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