A Doll’s House Act II

Directions: Answer the questions below in well developed paragraphs. Make sure to use textual evidence in your responses and to provide analysis/ commentary. 


  • Assignment must meet MLA standards (indentation, font style, font size, as well as citations/Works Cited)
  • Well-developed paragraphs contain at least 7-10 college level sentences. Answering in less often leads to lack of analysis and well developed thought.
  • Use evidence from the text as support. 

Act II Questions

  1. Analyze the setting as Act II opens.  How does it reflect the internal conflict Nora is experiencing?  Be specific.
  2. Describe the tarantella. (You may need to go online.) Discuss how this dance is a symbol for Nora’s state-of-mind.  Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
  3. What do you think Nora’s intentions are regarding Dr. Rank? In answering this question, think about their relationship.  Why do they seem such close friends? Is Nora capable of having a close friend? 
  4. One of the many themes in this play is the idea of appearance vs. reality. Discuss this theme as it has been developed so far in the first two acts. 
  5. How does Nora act toward Torvald, especially when she wants something? How does this reveal societal attitudes of the time toward women.
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