Analytical essay on the story of world civilization

Write a 1200-1500 word analytical essay telling the story of world civilization, from the beginning of man until the 20th century, from a student’s perspective. In this student interpretation of world civilization the goal is to discover a common theme that connects the different historical periods and civilizations discussed in the various readings and documentaries. Students must have supporting evidence from the primary document readings (that is, use the primary documents to support your thesis statement and to provide proof for individual perspectives). Use only the primary documents I uploaded in the weekly modules as the sources for your essay. You are not required to do extra research. 

The essay does not state in the introduction the five or more primary documents the student will use to prove his thesis. -6 pts

The essay has no clear thesis statement in the introduction. -11 pts

The essay contains 5 or less spelling errors and/or grammatical mistakes. -6 pts

The essay contains 6 or more spelling errors and/or grammatical mistakes. -11 pts

The essay refers to less than five primary documents. -6 pts

The essay refers to no primary documents.-11 pts

The essay does not have a conclusion. -11 pts

The essay does not have an introduction. -11 pts

The essay is not divided into paragraphs (with specific main ideas or topic sentences that function as sub-main ideas for the thesis statement). -6 pts

The essay does not have a title. -6 pts

The essay does not have the appropriate style, font, and/or margins.-11 pts

The essay is less than 1200 words. -11 pts

The essay is plagiarized. -100 pts

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