Analyze klaproth’s travels addressing the following points:

Teacher Instructions 

  1. Answer every part of the prompt(s)/question(s) with a complete paragraph. Complete paragraphs should include a topic sentence at least four supporting sentences.
  2. Write in complete, grammatically correct paragraphs and sentences.
    • DO NOT post simple lists or bullet points.
  3. Support your ideas with direct references to the text analyzed using parenthetical notation. For example – “Odysseus      earned his reputation as a god after he blinded the Cyclops (Homer, 67).  Every response paragraph should include at least two (2) direct references to the text
    • I urge you to include multiple references in a single sentence when applicable. For example – “In the Odyssey, Homer       repeatedly presented Odysseus as courageous (24, 29, 156, 173, and 241).”

The following questions are essential to the successful understanding and analysis of written primary sources. Think about them before you read a source and make a note when you encounter potential answers. (Tip: Answers to these questions are often found in an introduction or the first few paragraphs of a document.)

  • Who wrote the document, when and where?
  • What type of document is it?
  • Who is the intended audience(s)?
  • What are the main points of this document?
  • Why was the document written?
  • What does the document tell reveal about the society and period in question?

Including responses to two or more of these questions is an excellent way to introduce the sources you will be analyzing. (Think about a short paragraph including points 1,2 and 5.) As you can see (below) several of the questions are integrated into this week’s assignment.

The Questions

analyze Klaproth’s Travels addressing the following points:

  • What were the purposes and goals of Klaproth’s mission?
  • How did Klaproth assess the state of “civilization”, or lack thereof, among the peoples of the Caucasus? Consider:
    • The positive and negative qualities Klaproth assigned to the peoples of the Caucasus.
    • Klaproth’s assessment of the position of women among the peoples of the Caucasus.
    • The place of religion in Caucasian societies
    • Any other points you think address the question
  • What recommendations did Klaproth make in terms of Russian relations with the peoples of the Caucasus?
  • What did you find to be the most significant aspects of Klaproth’s report?

Attached is the reading material.  I need this assignment by 11pm eastern standard time 09/15

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