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This semester you have acquired new knowledge that will help you design and develop information systems. During this knowledge acquisition journey, you explored and learned new concepts which include systems thinking, project management, problem solving, cause effect analysis, system development methodology, system user requirements, data and process modeling, use cases, system feasibility, and system architecture. These concepts will help you to become a successful business professional who understands how technology can be leveraged to add organizational value. 

This week you will read about a successful system implementation and then answer questions based on your understanding of the concepts we covered during the semester. The implementation story of How Technology Fixed London’s Traffic Woes provides great insights on the concepts we studied this semester. After reading this story answer the following questions.

How Technology Fixed London’s Traffic Woes | CIO 

1. What was the goal of the new system and how does systems thinking help us develop a better understanding of the problem the city of London was trying to address?

2· What development approach did they use for the project, traditional waterfall or agile? Provide a brief rationale for your answer.

3· Were user requirements met in the new system that was implemented? 

4.What would you have done differently if you were the project manager?  

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