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By now you know the drill, so these prompts are of course only optional.  That said…

1.  What does the article regarding the filming of police violence (from MIT Technology Review) tell us about human rights, media, and mobilizing shame?

2.  One of the questions we’ve been asking in class is “What then can we do?”  What do you think of the actions taken by social media activists and others in the #BlackLivesMatter movement?  What are the strengths of these approaches and, again, what are the limitations?  Do you find them inspiring?

3.  How would the various authors we’ve read throughout the quarter analyze #BlackLivesMatter, both as a movement and as a media intervention?  In other words, what insights do our readings during the quarter provide for thinking about what is currently happening in the U.S.?

4.  Most of these materials were written/filmed before the most recent uprisings in summer of 2020, which were some of the largest yet.  What do the more recent events tell us about the future of the Movement for Black Lives?

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