Business analysis of a small business in british columbia (pestel) | MBA

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Business Analysis for any Small Business in British Columbia / Vancouver

The individual assignment consists of a comprehensive environmental analysis (PESTEL) of a business organization in BC (British Columbia). 

You will select a small business around you (a coffee shop, a convenience store, a boutique, etc.) and make field trips to observe and examine the elements of the business environment for this particular business. (You can also pretend that you made field trips)

You may also conduct a brief interview with the store owner and/or employees to inquire relevant information in more detail. (You can pretend this also)

You will then provide a written report as regards how each of the environmental forces (economic, social, technological, competitive, environmental, political, and global factors) impacts your chosen organization, based on your observations and the information you will gather. 

The purpose of this project is to apply all the learning acquired through the semester on to a particular company example. 

The report will be about 5-6 pages of main content; Don’t try to cheat by spacing in the pages otherwise you will get zero or less.

Provide at least 12 reliable academic references.


1. Intro

2. Analyze the Business’s Environmental Forces/Factors (PESTEL)

3. Analyze its ethics (Potential Ethical Issues to the Company)

4. Analyze its Strategy/Strategic Orientation

5. Conclusion

The assignment should be submitted to turnitin and similarity could potentially affect the marks.

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