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As discussed in chapter 3 of your textbook there are many different sentencing models and just as many goals for imposing various sentences. Below are two scenarios.

Scenario #1

Sam is a 40 year old who was convicted of a breaking into a jewelry store in Coral Gables, Florida.  During the burglary he successfully took over $1 million dollars worth of jewelry.  One month after the crime, Sam was arrested for the crimes of burglary and grand theft.  All of the jewelry was successfully recovered and given back to the business owner.  Sam was found guilty by a jury in your court room for burglary and grand theft.  He has accepted responsibility for his actions. He has no previous criminal history.

Scenario #2

Jennifer was convicted of aggravated assault.  Jennifer is an 18 year old who belonged to a local street gang.  She was told by the gang leader to scare Ashley, a girlfriend of a rival gang member.  One night while out at a night club Jennifer pulled a gun on Ashley to scare her.  The gun went off and hit Ashley in the leg.  Ashley was transported to the hospital and treated for a serious gun shot wound.  She recovered after two months. Jennifer was arrested at the scene and charged with attempted murder.  She was plead guilty to a lesser charge, aggravated assault in your court room.  She has a few convictions for misdemeanors as a juvenile.

Select one of the scenarios to discuss.  Do not add any facts to the scenario.  Please answer the questions below based solely on the information you have.

  • What type of sentencing model would you use to sentence the offenders?
  • What actual sentence would you impose (type and time)?
  • What are the “goals of sentencing” that are associated with your decision?
  • Do not use current sentencing strategies to determine your sentence.  You are to discuss what you think is appropriate, not what is already in place.
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