Civility presentation attached files: objectives when you have



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When you have completed this application, you will be able to: (1) Apply the principles of interpersonal communication. (2) Apply the principles of team communication in high-performing teams. (3) Apply business communication skills associated with the use of communication technology.

Planning Tip: In reviewing your reading per the Planning Calendar – Skip chapters and Read Chapter 14 (Planning Presentations) in the course’s textbook. This will help with planning and applying key elements for an effective presentation.

Team Application: Develop a five to ten minute presentation about maintaining civil communications in the workplace OR on an academic virtual team. Describe ONE specific scenario of incivility that has happened OR could happen in the workplace OR on an academic virtual team. *Provide a simple set of recommendations that your audience will find compelling, insightful, and easy to remember.

*Create a five-slide (PowerPoint) presentation:(maximum number of slides)- title slide and four slides- to complete the above Team Application. Make sure to use applicable images and content to describe the specific scenario of incivility and simple set of recommendations. Audience: Internal presentation for business professionals at UHD/MDCOB

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