Complete technology paper unit 9

For this Assignment, you will use the interview process to learn about the effects of improperly used technology on human health. Then, you will create a short audio-only public service announcement to increase awareness of this technology-caused issue. For example, consider such health issues as injuries from bike accidents in which riders were not wearing helmets. Or, think about the health issues that could result from not having a working CO2 detector in the home. Another example would be skin cancer related to the improper application of sunscreen.

Use the following PowerPoint template to complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the Assignment.

Part 1. Conduct a brief interview with either a medical professional, a public health representative, or public safety professional to learn about a current human health issue that is related to the improper use of technology.

You may conduct the interview in person or by phone. You may interview any knowledgeable representative of the agency. Cold calling or walking into an appropriate agency to get this information may be the most practical approach. Often the receptionist who answers the phone or greets you when you walk into an agency is an excellent source of information.

You may choose any agency that you wish, including, but not limited to:

  • The Center for Disease Control
  • Your community health department
  • First responders, including your local police, ambulance services, or fire department
  • Your physician’s office

Once the interview subject identifies an issue related to the improper use of technology, ask what the agency’s solution is to the health problem.

Use this short form to stay focused on the purpose of the interview and to keep it brief. Complete the form and save it. You will submit it as a deliverable for this Assignment.

Interview Checklist

Date of Interview:  ____   Form of technology used to conduct interview: _________

Agency Name: ______  Agency Phone #____________________

Name and title of interview subject:____

What is a current health issue related to improper use of technology that your agency deals with regularly?

What is your agency’s solution to this health issue?

How can citizens contact your agency to learn more about this health issue?

Part 2
Use the information from the interview that you conducted to create an audio-only public service announcement that is between 30 and 60 seconds long.

Step 1. Research existing Public Service Announcements to get a better understanding of their form and purpose. Note how the examples state the problem, offer a solution, and give the audience contact information to learn more.

Step 2. Write a script for your own audio-only public service announcement. Use the information that you gathered in the interview that you conducted for Part 1 of this Assignment. Include these four elements in your announcement:

  • A statement of the health problem related to improper use of technology.
    • What, exactly is the problem?
    • How does improper use of technology cause the problem?
  • The agency that verified the problem.
  • The solution offered by the agency.
  • Agency contact information to learn more about the problem.

Step 3. Record your public service announcement using the PowerPoint template.

Step 4. When you are satisfied with your recording, save it and upload it to the Unit 9 Assignment Dropbox.

Keep in mind that the final recording should be in Standard English and include a highly developed and sustained viewpoint and purpose. The announcement should be highly ordered, logical, and unified. Oral delivery techniques, including word choice and oral expressiveness, should display exceptional content, organization, and style, and should lead the audience to a dynamic and supported conclusion.

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