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Query #8: For each customer, show the number of orders placed, and the
largest, smallest and total freight ordered. Only show those customers
whose total freight is greater than $1000.

Query #9: Display all product columns for products that are red and
black and have a list price greater than or equal to $400 and less
than or equal to $800. Use the keywords BETWEEN and IN.

Query #10: Rewrite query #9 to remove the use of BETWEEN and IN, and
replace with the equivalent use of =, <, >, /= and AND and OR

Write SQL statements that will retrieve the following data from a
database, using Subqueries and Joins. Using the AdventureWorksLT2012
database, write a SQL SELECT statement that will retrieve the data for
the following questions:

Query #1: For each order, display the Customer’s Company Name, Phone,
and the Email for the customer who placed the order. Include the Sales
Order ID, Order Date and the Due Date. Sort the results by Company
Name in ascending order.

Query #2: For each order, list the Sales Order ID, Order Date, Product
Name, sales order Unit Price, Quantity Ordered. Sort the data by the
Sales Order ID and then the Product Name.

Query #3: Modify the first query to list the same fields, but include
all customers even if they have not placed an order.

Query #4: List all product categories (including product categoryID
and name), the number of products in each category as well as the
average list price of the products in that category. Display those
categories that have 5 products or less including categories that have
no products assigned to it. Name the count column ‘ProductCount’ and
the average column ‘Average List Price’. Sort the results by the
product count in descending order.

Query #5: Display the Product Name, and List Price of all products
that have a list price larger than the Cable Lock product. Sort the
results by List Price in descending order. Note: use of a subquery is

Query #6: Display the Customer Name of all customers who have placed
orders between May 2004 and September 2004. Sort the results by
Company Name in ascending order. The name should appear once on the

Query #7: Display the ProductID, name and weight of all products that
weigh less than ‘Front Brakes’. Sort by the results by weight in
descending order. Use a subquery.

Query #8: List the Product Name and ProductID for all products that
have not sold. Use a sub query.

Query #9: Display the Customer ID and Customer Company Name for all
customer’s shipping addresses in the United States.

Query #10: Display the Sales OrderID and Total Due for all orders
where the Total Due is larger than the average Total Due for all

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