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 Create a database model according to the following steps: 

  • Create a simple class diagram containing three classes: Vehicle, Car, and Truck. Provide two attributes for each of these three classes.
    • Create a rough sketch of a relational table that will store the objects belonging to the aforementioned three classes.
    • Ensure you have tried all three options—single table, two tables, and three tables—in your database design.
    • Enter two objects per table, corresponding to the classes.
  • Use the two-table design to recreate a Car object.
  • Repeat the preceding step to recreate a Truck object.
  • Create a simple association relationship in a separate class diagram showing Driver and Car.
    • Apply a multiplicity of 1 on the driver side and N on the Car side.
  • Add/modify your table designs to handle storing of two objects belonging to Car and two belonging to Driver.
    • Modify the multiplicity on the Driver side to N. This makes it a many-to-many multiplicity.
  • Modify your table designs to handle this multiplicity and show where and how the KEYS or IDs will have to be placed.
  • Create a class diagram corresponding to the tables you have designed. Stereotype all classes on that class diagram as <<table>>.
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