Ddba8303 week 7 assignment final draft qualitative doctoral study

Week 7 Assignment: Final Draft Qualitative Doctoral Study Prospectus


To prepare for this Assignment, review any feedback received on your Draft Doctoral Study Prospectus from DDBA 8300 and make any necessary changes. Also, consider how you can use the insights gained in this course to improve your Prospectus and later Doctoral Study. Be sure to review the DBA Doctoral Study Rubric and Research Handbook for further details and expectations.


By Day 7


Submit the final draft of your qualitative Doctoral Study Prospectus, including your Literature Review, with the following components:

·         Problem Statement

·         Purpose Statement

·         Nature of the Study

·         Research Question(s)

·         Interview Questions (4–5)

·         Conceptual Framework

·         Significance of the Study

·         Literature Review (minimum of 15 peer-reviewed references)

·         References

Note: Be sure to use the draft of your qualitative Doctoral Study Prospectus that you submitted in your previous research course to complete this Assignment.




Week 7 Discussion: Your Doctoral Research Problem and Social Change


To prepare for this Discussion, consider your goals as a DBA independent scholar at Walden University in light of its mission of positive social change. Also, thinking about the literature that you have reviewed—and the literature reviews you have completed previously—you can determine a clear statement of the problem you have identified for your doctoral study research.


By Day 3


Post an analysis of the significance of your doctoral research problem for promoting positive social change. Your analysis should include the following:

·         A description of your doctoral research study business problem

·         An explanation of the significance of the business problem using scholarly literature for support

·         An application of the significance to promoting positive social change within both the field of research and the industry of the specific business problem


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