Discussion Response 3A

Respond to the discussion post below with your educated opinion in 3-4 sentences:

Some restaurants use customer checks with pre-numbered sequence codes. Each food server uses these checks to write up customer orders. Food servers are told not to destroy any customer checks; if a mistake is made, they are to void that check and write a new one. All voided checks are to be turned in to the manager daily. How does this policy help the restaurant control cash receipts? Do you think there is a more efficient way to control cash receipts? Explain.

By turning the voided checks in daily to management they are able to reconcile reports to the receipts that had been generated. (Chuasiriporn, n.d.)  This also allows for management to be able to account for the checks in sequential order at the end of the night. (Guarding Against Internal Frauds Commtted by Employees, 2012) The servers are less likely to steal if they know the receipts are being reconciled on a daily basis.

I think using a POS system would be a more efficient way to control cash receipts. It is designed to track every transaction from inventory to managing records.  It records and saves data, this way down the line management is able to pull reports, see what they have ordered in the past, help with forecasting where they can see how busy they were on specific holiday.  The POS system can also be linked to ordering through tablets that are on individual tables, self-service stations or home computers and cell phones. (Why Your Restaurant Should Replace Its Cash Register, n.d.)

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