Education for democracy | Applied Sciences homework help

1) Some understanding of the relationship between climate change, neoliberalism and education in the US

2) The ability to argue for or against the rights of nature in the context of neoliberalism

3) Some tools and techniques for making democratic decisions together, and taking collective action

(Sep 24, 2021). The ABCs of Big Oil | Ep 4: We’re Going Streaking. From the ABCs of Big Oil series from Drilled. A podcast about the way big oil has funded higher ed towards towards climate chaos. Note: This is a series that is on this Fall. Please consider listening to one other episode in the ABCs of Big Oil series if you have time.

Ruffalo, Mark (2020). Invisible Hand. Feature film. Unable to license through UW libraries. Screen it yourself for a $1 donation, or watch the fair use zoom version.

(June 10, 2020). More Democracy. Scene on Radio, from the Center for Documentary Studies. The last podcast for the series, this 57 min episode argues that we need more democracy to solve the big problems we face.

Life Hack:

Spade, Dean (2020). Mutual Aid : Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next), excerpts from Part II (Making Decisions Together, p. 54-66). Link to the library copy. Or buy the book here (about $14).

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