Essay: the war at home

Over the past month you have been reading The war at home – One family’s fight against PTSD. Think back about this family’s story and write an essay that addresses the following:

  • In your opening introductory paragraph, imagine you are asked for your recommendation on this book. Provide a very brief statement of your opinion. For example, how would you describe the book and attempt to convince someone to read it. If you do not think it is worth reading, then describe the book to tell the person why they should not read it. Either perspective is welcome, as you are expressing your personal opinion and backing it up with well-thought out reasoning. This introduction should be no more than one paragraph and should not exceed one half page.
  • How did Shawn and Justin describe the military culture? Explain and provide examples.
  • What were some of the warning signs and/or behaviors that indicated to you that Justin might be living with PTSD? When do you think Shawn and Justin first became aware that something was wrong? Did they become aware at the same time or did one of them realize something was wrong before the other? Cite two or more specific statements from the book to support your response.
  • Review the four main characteristics of PTSD that you learned in Module 1. If you had the opportunity to observe Justin during his first few years at home following his discharge, how would you assess his behavior against the main characteristics of PTSD? To what extent do you think his behavior was consistent with these classic characteristics? How so?
  • A lot of time passes and frightening events occur before Justin admits to himself and Shawn that he needs help. Where do you think Justin’s turning point occurred and what precipitated it?
  • Close your essay with a well thought-out final reflection paragraph that shares the most significant thing you learned from reading this book. Why was it so significant for you?
  • Your essay should be 2 full pages  pages in length. It should be grammar and spell checked. This is an essay, so please avoid yes/no answers. All references and sources must be cited in APA formatting. Please provide an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph. 

You will need access to the following references:

Gourley, S.  (2015) The War at Home: One family’s fight Against PTSD.  2nd Edition

Friedman, M.J. (2015) Posttraumatic and Acute Stress Disorders. 6th Edition.

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