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you will need the ebook


If you have not done so already, read the Overview for the module, do the reading assignments, and listen to the lectures/presentations.

These are three short essay questions. Answers can be found in the text and lectures. (Do not use outside resources to answer these questions.) They are due on Sunday night by 11:55pm.

Please use bullet points if appropriate. For example, if a question asks for three things, use this format to answer – 

  1. First point.
  2. Second point.
  3. Third point.


Question #1 (5 points):

Allison contracts with AME, Inc., a Fortune 100 company, to give a motivational talk to their multi-national sales force. The talk is to take place at a first-class resort on the island of Aruba in January. AME decides they want a different speaker and assigns Allison’s contract to TTT Corporation, a small start-up, to give a sales training talk at its home office in Duluth, Minnesota, also in January.

Can Allison successfully prevent this assignment? If so, how? What factors will come into play if Allison decided to sue AME? What are the key facts in this situation? What would you think if you were Allison?

Question #2 (5 points): 

For your business, you’ve done the wise thing and hired an experienced small business attorney to help guide you in the growth of your business.

  1. What should be the primary goal of your counsel in the negotiation of the deal?
  2. State five ways that your legal counsel should serve you in the negotiation of the deal.

Note: I want you to read the text and listen to the lectures and answer based upon what is discussed there.

Question #3 (5 points):

Review the page – Typical Contract Provisions.

  1. List five representations and warranties that should be considered when drafting a contract.
  2. What do you think would be the three most important provisions in contracts for your project business? Why? (Remind me of your business idea.) 
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