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Autobiografía: Mi vida en corto

In this section, you will write a biography about yourself. You will put in practice the Spanish knowledge you learned during the entire Spanish course.

NOTE: All three extra credit assignments together are worth 1.1236% of your final grade. What is that means? If your final grade is:

  • 69% (D) to 70% (C)
  • 79% (C) to 80% (B)
  • 89% (B) to 90% (A)


  • From the New Number deduct Old Number i.e. 90-89 = 1
  • Divide above number by Old Number i.e. 1/89 = 0.011236
  • Multiply the result by 100 i.e. 0.011236*100 = 1.1236%


Paso 1

  • Watch the video bellow about your Spanish professor so you have an idea of what you must submit as your final work. Be creative! If you know how to edit videos, you could create different settings. Make a video that lasts 2-3 minutes. Be sure to use at least 250 words of vocabulary from what you have learned from Pre-Chapter to Chapter 6 in your Spanish class. It is important that you follow directions under Paso 2.

Paso 2

  • Following, write a composition (at least 5 paragraphs with complete sentences, in SPANISH) using the present and preterite tenses.
    • Title your video as “Autobiografía: mi vida en corto”.
    • In the opening segment, you must include one long or more paragraphs in which you describe yourself, your family and your friends. Write two to three paragraphs.
    • In the next section, write about your typical routine of one particular day or weekend. Include your friends, significant other or your family in your description. Write two to three paragraphs.
    • In the following section, write about what you did one particular day from the beginning of the day until you went to bed. Use the preterite tense only (simple past tense). Write two to three paragraphs.
    • Finally, write a conclusion in which you summarize everything. 
  • Use vocabulary words, expressions, and verbs you have learned from pre-chapter up to chapter 6. In addition, I am attaching a list of words you can use as transitional words like next, following, then, later, etc.Actions
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