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FIN 201 – Final Application Report

The final paper is an opportunity for you to reflect on your learning. As a way of preparing to write the paper, it may be helpful to read through the syllabus, course textbook, and the postings on blackboard to give some thought to the ‘Ahas’ you had during the course.

In the paper, describe a few examples of your learning, discuss how you are helped by this learning and consider the future implications of what you have learned for your effectiveness at work, school, personal life or in your community.  Be specific and use examples. This is also an opportunity to synthesize elements of the class (e.g., when you look at a particular investment, savings vehicle, mortgage or car loan, can you identify the risk or opportunity in the product?).

Please utilize the following model for your paper: 1.) What’s the experience; 2.) What did you learn, and 3) What’s the applicable and generalizable lesson.


  • The paper must use correct English grammar and exceed five double-spaced pages.
  • APA 6th edition is the style guide for Post University papers.  I find Purdue’s OWL site to be an excellent resource – please refer to the syllabus for more information.
  • Contact me if you have any questions or require any clarification.
  • Have fun with the paper – we want this to be a learning exercise the brings everything you’ve learned in FIN 201 to a successful conclusion!
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