Final draft of literary analysis

Your literary analysis will essentially be a compare/contrast essay where you will explore both the similarities and differences between your analysis of Susan Glaspell’s “A Jury of Her Peers” and the main claim made by Simso in her essay. Your essay MUST include at least one paraphrase and one direct quotation from both the short story and Simso’s essay. Your essay must be between 650-750 words long. 

Helpful Advice:

  • Don’t forget to use your outline! Be sure to follow the organizational structure of your outline. 
  • I will be using the District Wide Grading Rubric to assess this essay. Please remember to proofread your essay carefully before you upload it to Canvas. 
  • Upload your essay as a PDF. If I cannot open your document, you will not receive credit for it. I will not make any exceptions. 
  • DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE A WORK CITED PAGE. Failure to include a work cited page will result in a failing grade on this essay. Your works cited page should contain entries for the short story and Crystal’s essay.  
  • Remember that your essay must be formatted in MLA style. This means that all text should be typed in 12pt. Times New Roman font. Remember to include all appropriate headers and to double-space all text. Remember not to include extra space between paragraphs of the same style. Don’t forget to give your essay an original title.  
  • Be mindful that this is a formal essay. As such, you should avoid using the second person, contractions, and any vague or informal diction. Remember to avoid expletive sentence structure.  
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