Final project part ii objective of this assignment: to


Find RFP template two ways:

In the course navigation bar, navigate to Activities > Assignments, see the template attachment.

Content Module 7, select Final Project Part II and scroll to the bottom of instructions for the attachment.

RESOURCES: It is important to understand the 5 Ws of an RFP, here are a couple of additional links to give you another point of view.

Part II is to be completed and dropped in the assignment box. (23%) See Course Calendar for due date.

Assignment Content Part II:

Architecture and Software Support

Building on the exercise you did in Part I, how would you structure your e-commerce site? Would you outsource your platform or build it on your own? Explain the pros and cons of each in answering this.

If you chose to outsource, to whom would it be and why?

If you chose to build it on your own, what do you have to have as a basic minimum? Explain.

*Assuming you would want all your business processes integrated, develop one request for a proposal that you would send out to two ERP providers. Include in this, the operational processes you need to consider as part of the ERP. This excludes CRM which you will be acquiring separately. 

Explain why you chose those two ERP providers and what criteria you would use to decide on which one you would go with.

*You need CRM. Develop one request for proposal that you would send out to two CRM providers. Include in this, the types of operational processes you need to consider as part of the CRM. 

Explain why you chose those two CRM providers and what criteria you would use to decide on which one you would go with.

Management and Organizational Structure

Create a simple organizational chart for your business.

Explain why the selected organizational structure was chosen.


Your submission must be submitted in WORD. PDFs will not be accepted.

Your submission must be no fewer than 1100 words and no greater than 1500 words.

It must be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines It must include the following: cover page, table of contents, executive summary, body, bibliography, and other appendices. The report should be formatted for 8 ½ x11 paper with 1″ margins, double spaced, 12-point font.

Appendices are discouraged. However, if you deem them necessary, they must be referenced within the project and must be relevant. Appendices are not included as fulfillment of the word-count requirement.

The complete bibliography will reference all work of other individuals, textbooks, journals, websites, interviews, and proprietary documents.

RESOURCES to help you with formatting:

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