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 **ASTRONOMY ASSIGNMENT** This paper will constitute one-fourth of your final grade for this course. Thus, it is worth 25% of your grade. You can not score higher than a 75% in the course without submitting this paper and thus can not test out of the course without it. You will write a paper on the different types of galaxies. Choose 2 to 3 different galaxies. Compare and contrast the different types of galaxies and the features of the galaxies you chose to write about. In at least 1 page, address the following: Describe two to four characteristics of the 3 major types of galaxies. (20%) Compare and Contrast size, composition, structure and history of at least 2 specific galaxies. (20%) Describe how characteristics of these galaxies contributed to the Hubble sequence. Consider the validity of the Hubble Sequence in modern astronomy. What observations contradict the theory of galactic evolution? What observations support the theory of galactic evolution? What do we know today about the galaxies you chose, and what do we hope to learn in the future? Remember to cite any sources used in the research paper (in-text and with a Reference page) in APA format. The Reference page is not included as one of the pages in the 1 page requirement. You should include a cite for our textbook or any other source used. 

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