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Chapter 13 the regulation is from the book.

Food and Drug Administration.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensures that food,

cosmetics, drugs, and medical devices are safe and effective.

It also ensures that these products are honestly, accurately,

and informatively represented to the public with

proper labeling. Advertisers can be prosecuted for false

labeling. Special labeling is required for products that

are considered dangerous or hazardous, such as household

cleaners and medications. Many food, drug, and

cosmetic advertisements make claims about all natural

ingredients, rapid weight loss, hair growth, or youngerlooking

skin. If these claims cannot be substantiated, the

FDA will work with the FTC to put a stop to these violations.

In addition, the FDA has the authority to regulate

the ingredients in tobacco products and the way they are

distributed, sold, and marketed. For example, the FDA

has banned tobacco companies from sponsoring sporting

and entertainment events and has outlawed free cigarette

samples. Currently, the FDA is closely monitoring the

fast food industry.

Write a page on what it entails, how it effects consumers and whether you think the law is beneficial and why. 

More explain about beneficial and why. One paragraph. no, reference. your own idea. 

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