He history of children’s literature

After reading, studying and reflecting on the articles titled “Origins  (Links to an external site.)of Children’s Literature (Links to an external site.),” “A Brief History of Children’s Literature, (Links to an external site.)” and “History of Children’s Literature (Links to an external site.) consider the following historical perspectives found in children’s literature:

What type of writing for children occurred during the Renaissance period: 1500-1650?
Why were the 18th Century moral writers important in the children’s literature history?
When did the emergence of Folktales occur? 
What was the catalyst for this type of writing?
What type of writing was done for children during the late 1800s? 
Why did this change in writing for children occur?
What types of children’s books were written in the early 20th Century: 1900-1970?
What types of children’s books were written in the late 20th Century: 1970-2000?
How are current day children’s books different from books written through history?
How are current day children’s books similar to books written through history?

(NOTE: You are encouraged to take time to think about and respond to these questions as a way to help you remain active as you read the readings and resources. Reflecting and responding about ideas are great ways to help you retain information as you read.)

  1. Use the readings relating to the history of children’s literature to select 3 different historical time periods that interest you. (For example: 1600-1700, 1700-1800, 1800-1900 or 1750-1800, 1850-1900, 1950-2000)
  2. Open the Chart Template.Preview the document Save the template to your computer, and then use the template to complete this assignment. As you complete the chart, describe the major changes in how and why children’s books were written for each of the 3 time periods you selected, paying close attention to how and why social conditions, political attitudes, economic situations, religious practices, language use, educational practices, and print availability impacted each time period.
  3. Save your chart again, close it, and then upload your chart using the directions below. Note: you must reply first before seeing responses from other students.
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