July 3 deadline | Information Systems homework help

1.Part A: Cryptography (Dr. Martin Tunnicliffe) – worth 50%: Suggested word-count: 2,000

2.Part B: Data Governance and Identity Theft (Dr. Nada Philip) – worth 30%: Suggested word-count: 1,500

3.Part C: Network Security (Dr. Martin Tunnicliffe) – worth 20%: Suggested word-count: 1,000


Each section will be assessed by a separate report, but these should be combined into a single document for submission. These should include diagrams, tables etc. where appropriate. (Where these are taken from other documents, references should be cited).

Recommended structure (for each individual report)


• Background (including technological background).

• The issues which are discussed in your report.

• A brief summary of the report structure.

Main body of report

• Do not call it that – it could be composed of several different sections.

Conclusion and Recommendations

• What lessons were learned from the exercise?

• How are the findings potentially helpful?


• All major sources of information should be acknowledged.

• Referencing should be in an appropriate academic style (e.g. Harvard).

Marks Breakdown (for each individual report)

• Introduction:15%

• Main Body of Report:50%

• Conclusions/ Recommendations:20%

• Report structure, organization, presentation

and appropriate use of references:15%

Deadline: 3rd July 2020

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