Kaplan mn576 unit 5 midterm exam/kaplan mn576 unit 5 midterm exam



Question 1 

Lesbians may experience which of the following barriers to health care?

Question options:

1) Homophobia from the healthcare provider

2) Incorrect knowledge about health care needs of lesbians by healthcare providers

3) Lack of insurance and/or access under partner’s coverage

4) All of the above

Question 2 

Which of the following is not representative of the presentation of secondary syphilis?

Question options:

1) generalized rash

2) chancre

3) arthralgia

4) lymphadenopathy

Question 3 

In women who have experienced a spinal cord injury, temporary cessation of menses is normal for up to one year following the injury.

Question options:

1) True

2) False

Question 4 

When performing a bimanual exam all of the following are noted as normal findings except:

Question options:

1) retoverted uterus

2) anteflexed uterus

3) fixed immobile uterus

4) smooth, firm ovary

Question 5 

Which of the following agents is most active against C. trachomatis?

Question options:

1) amoxicillin

2) metronidazole

3) azithromycin

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