Military decision making process | Government homework help

1. What is the Military Decision Making Process?

2. In your own words briefly describe what occurs during each step.

Step 1 – Receipt of mission.

Step 2 – Mission analysis.

Step 3 – Course of action development.

Step 4 – Course of action analysis.

Step 5 – Course of action comparison.

Step 6 – Course of action approval.

Step 7 – Orders production, dissemination, and transition.

3. Why do you need to know the MDMP?

4. How much time is given for the execution and planning during the MDMP process? Why?

5. What is war-gaming and why do we war-game our COAs?


Read the passage below. Use the additional recourses to complete this discussion module.

Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) History

As the Schlieffen plan was being developed and the world drew closer to World War I, the US Army lacked published staff doctrine. The 1910 publication, Regulations for Field Maneuvers, did not include a description of staff processes; a 1914 field service regulation (FSR) mentioned the need for a commander and staff estimating process but did not describe one. Following World War I, the 1924 version of the FSR included doctrinal formatted orders with required annexes, maps and tables. Still, the FSR stated only that leaders should first make an estimate of the situation, culminating in a decision upon a definite plan of action. No procedural steps were provided to explain this process. In 1932 the Staff Officer Field Manual compiled principles, information and data to be used as a guide for the operation of staffs of all units and territorial commands, in peace and war, rather than a set of rules and regulations to be rigidly and blindly followed. The manual provided a comprehensive command and staff doctrine on which modern procedures are based. Orders formats were more detailed than in the 1924 FSR, and explanations of staff functions and the commander’s estimate were more complete.


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