Music/society modern wrld (w6) | Social Science homework help

1. Intro to feminism & women’s movements

2. Music and Suffrage – 1880s – 1920s (first wave)

1) Read: Music in the Women’s Suffrage Movement – Library of Congress

2) Read: Highlighted Sheet Music Collections – Library of Congress

3) View: Women Intro-Suffrage – PPT

4) Listen: “Songs of the Suffragettes”, Elisabeth Knight (1958)

3. 1960s-1980s (2nd wave)

1) Read/watch/listen: “You Don’t Own Me’: A Feminist Anthem with Civil Rights Roots, Is All About Empathy

2) Read: Aretha in Gaar (4 pages)

3) Read: Ch. 4 Gaar excerpts (13 pages)

4) Gaar Ch. 5 (7 pages)

5) View: Second Wave Feminism and Music – PPT

4. 1990-2010 (3rd wave)

1) Read: The Origin of the Term ‘intersectionality’

2) Read: Gayle Wald, “Just a Girl? Rock Music, Feminism, and the Cultural Construction of Female Youth” (25 pages)

3) Read: Andrea Harman, “Erykah Badu: From Musician to Third Wave Feminist?” (13 pages)

4) View: Third Wave Feminism and Music – PPT

5. 2010 – pres. (4th Wave), #Metoo

1) Read/Listen/Watch: “Songs that Say Me Too”

2) Read/Listen/Watch: “The Chorus on #Metoo and the Women Who Turned Trauma into Songs”

3) Read: Marquita R. Smith “BEYONCÉ: Hip-hop Feminism…” (13 pages)

4) Watch – Beyoncé – Pretty Hurts (Video)…and rest of album

5) View: Music and 4th wave feminism – PPT

Requirements of Assignments:

1. Discussion: 

  1. What does it mean to be a feminist?
  2. What is intersectionality? Have you heard/seen this term before? If so, where? Can you give an example of intersectional injustice?
  3. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” controversy; read this story, listen to the song…

     Do you think this song should be banned from radio broadcast? Why or why not?  

2. Assignment:

Briefly respond to each of these prompts. Total word count should be approx. 1000. Include works cited page. You must cite all required readings and films, or it will be a ZERO, with a chance to resubmit for a capped grade.

  1. Compare and contrast the various ‘waves’ of the women’s movements. Include: when each wave occurred; major figures of each, and their importance; the goals of each wave, were they accomplished, did they change over time, if so, how; milestones; major critiques of each wave. Along the way, include at least 2 songs from each wave that illustrate the politics of the time. Along with citing the required readings from each wave, remember to cite the films: The Punk Singer, and She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry (include at least 1 quote from each film). 
  2. How do Erykah Badu and Beyoncé express Black feminist identity and ideology through their music? How do they  express Black female empowerment? What stereotypes, criticisms, and social views do they work against? How so? Include ways in which they each counter intersectional oppression through their music. Include a description of at least two song examples from each artist with lyrical analysis that supports your claims. 

For this work, you must give me 2 separate files. One for Discussion, and One for Assignment.

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