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For this section of your process improvement plan, you will determine the resources you will require in order to successfully integrate the new process. Your resources section should include the following:

1 Software

2 Hardware

3 Real estate

4 Training materials

5 Downtime due to training

6 Employee payment for training

7 Human capital (trainers, management, and new employees)

Be sure to provide rationale for the identified resources. You need to convince the board and stakeholders that you do in fact need these resources.

For this section of your process improvement plan, respond to the following questions.

· What should to be included in the different types of resources that you need to successfully complete this project?

o 1 Time

o 2 Money

o 3 People

· How long do you plan to spend fully integrating the process, training employees, and updating all documents?

· Why do you need these resources?

· Does the company have enough financial resources to allow for the change? Review the organization’s financial statements, if it is a public organization, in order to determine whether or not this is feasible. Publicly traded organizations have financial data available to the general public that should help to accomplish this.

Things to Remember!

· Your paper should be at a minimum of 3 pages, not counting a cover page or reference page.

· Justify your recommendations by including in-text citations and references.

· Format following APA guidelines

For this section of your process improvement plan, you will be creating a proposed budget. Please review the budgeting template in the resources section of this module. You will need to consider things such as paying employees, supplies, lost time, and training.

Your budget should clearly state the needed resources and how those resources will be used.

If you don’t already have a budget design, you can use the provided budgeting template.

Things to Remember!

· Submit your budget in an Excel spreadsheet.

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