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This option provides the less engaged student with the opportunity and challenges of creating a proper Q/A sequence derived from the specific domain under study. If selected, this option will also allow entries to be added to the question pool in subsequent terms. If proper format is followed, insertion into the question pool can easily be accommodated by the Learning House folks.

Option 2 is a Question / Answer Bank 

This option asks the student to thoroughly review the assigned course materials (xx chapters of the assigned textbook, PPTs, and Discussion Forums). If this option is selected, the student is to create a final exam derived from the materials previously under study and as specifically outlined below. Questions posted in the textbook, textbook website, or derived from Chegg or related websites will result in a final grade of zero for the Final Exam. The question / answers must be in the student’s own words as each submission should be checked for plagiarism by Turnitin. 

Create at least 5 questions per assigned textbook chapters (xx). The total number of questions / answers is 70. Four Q/A and one Essay for each Chapter. The Q/A may only be in the following formats: 1) Multiple Choice “MC”; 2) Fill-in “FI”; 3) Multiple Answers “MA”. Highlight the correct answer as indicated below.

1. Questions must identify the Chapter “Ch” and page number “P” (if derived from the assigned textbook(s)), or Slide number “S” indicating where the Q/A sequence was derived. Please note the highlighting of the correct answer.


The format of the question/answer are as follows:

o Sample MC

1. Ch1 P11 – Software Engineering includes:

a. Functional Requirements Gathering 

b. Non-Functional Requirements Gathering

c. Both Functional and Non-Functional Requirements Gathering 

d. None of the above

o Sample MC

2. Ch1 S14 – Software Engineering does not include:

a. Functional Requirements Gathering 

b. Non-Functional Requirements Gathering

c. GUI

d. None of the above

o Sample FI

1. Ch1 P24 – ______ testing dictates the Q/A person has access to the source code:

a. White-Box

o Sample MA

1. Ch1 P12 – Software Engineering includes the following:

a. Requirements

b. Project Management

c. Configuration Management

d. Server Administration

e. Engineering Economics

f. Network Administration

2. Additionally, create one Essay question and suggested answer derived from the assigned course materials

o Sample Essay 

1. Ch1 P15 – Identify each of the dimensions of Software Engineering:

This first chapter begins with a 10,000 foot view of software engineering knowledge areas. Specifically: Requirements, Design, Construction, Testing, Maintenance, Configuration Management, Engineering Management, Engineering Process, Engineering Models and Methods, Quality, Engineering Professional Practice, and Engineering Economics 

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