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Analyze OCBC Bank after reading this article (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

In a three- to four-page paper (not including the title and references pages), address the following:

  1. Describe OCBC’s unique approach to talent management and development.
  2. Compare OCBC’s approach to talent management and development to  other organizations you are familiar with (e.g., current or past  employers, a family business).
  3. Explain how OCBC’s approach to talent management and employee  development been a primary contributing factor to the firm’s success.
  4. Evaluate the extent to which OCBC’s approach to talent management  and development fits other organizations or industries, including some  limitations if applied elsewhere without modification.

Conduct some additional internet research on OCBC, and examine how  OCBC has performed recently—what has it done more of, less of, or  differently from in the area of human resource management. Use this  information to support your paper in addition to cited sources from the  textbook; you must also use at least two scholarly sources.

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