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  You are tasked with crafting a Final Reflection Analysis. This paper should be formatted in APA. the same as the previous Reflection papers, however, it has now been eight modules since you wrote your initial goals, how have you grown?

Along that train of thought, craft a final Reflection Analysis addressing the following:

· What were your initial course goals?

· How did you accomplish those goals?

· What course concept do you think will be the most useful in your career?

· Review the OBLD 317 learning outcomes, how well did you meet these?

 Your reflection should consist of 3 pages.  

  • Final Reflection (9.5)
    • We are in the final module of this term. Take a moment to think about the course and re-read the course description and learning objectives. 
      • What did you learn?
        • You have completed 9 modules learning about organizational behavior with an emphasis on the business environment and the human impacts.
        • Those learnings centered in an operating business environment; you read cases, had discussions, and applied your new knowledge.
    • Considering the information you have gathered:
      • What is surprising?
      • What is expected?
      • What are you going to do with this information?

Use the background information listed below to complete the final reflection.

Some of the materials that we went over within this course include:

  1. Examining the theories of leadership, comparing, and contrasting them, showing similarities and differences.
  2. Examined group dynamics, power, and influence in organizations.
  3. Gained an understanding of how to compare and contrast the sources of conflict and stress in organizations.
  4. Recognized the theories of motivation and how they influence organizational behavior.
  5. Evaluated the various types of performance appraisals and how they relate to an organization and organization’s development.
  6. Analyzed how organizations adapt to and confront change, both internal and external.

The main goals and objectives of this course are: 1) to increase student understanding of the complexity of managing human behavior in organizations, 2) to explore basic theories and concepts of behavior in an organizational setting, and 3) to apply management problem-solving techniques to obtain optimal organizational behavior.

My initial goals for this course were to develop a better understanding of the importance of organizational behavior and the different leadership theories. I also had the desire to learn how to be a more effective leader within my own organization. 

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