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Technologies are widely available to assist in employee goal setting and satisfaction surveys. Talent analytics can help leaders identify better approaches to performance, engagement, and even development. People management platforms help leaders to better visualize and make meaning of people’s data.  

You have been assigned to a side project for SpeedyPro. They would like for you to review three systems that provide a virtual space for goal setting, as well as employee surveys. Do some research on the Web to locate three such products. Write a review comparing the features each system provides, pricing (if provided), and any initial reviews you can provide. In the end, make a recommendation to SpeedyPro based on your research. Be sure to cite your research. Your full report should be at least 500 words and in APA format with a title page and reference page. Be sure to cite your research. Your recommendation should:  

  1. Introduce and compare the features of each tool.   
  2. Describe ways in which SpeedyPro can utilize the features of these tools to improve productivity and employee satisfaction.   
  3. Describe 3 examples of employee goals and metrics managers can use to assess the accomplishment of these goals.  
  4. How SpeedyPro could maximize the use of satisfaction surveys.  
  5. Any initial challenges SpeedyPro might face in implementing such a tool and possible ways to alleviate these challenges.
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