Performing a business impact analysis for a mock it infrastructure

Please create a LAB REPORT FILE where you cover all the below mentioned points:

1) Define BIA(Business Impact Analysis)

2) Explain about BCP(Business Continuity plan) and explain how a BIA fits within a BCP.

3) In the Lab Report file please list a Qualitative Business impact value of Critical, Major, Minor or None for each of the function stated in the below:

     a) Internal and external voice communication with customers in real time.

     b) Internal and external e-mail communication with customer via store and   forward messaging

     c) Domain Name service (DNS) for internal and external Internet Protocol(IP) communications.

     d) Internal connectivity for e-mail and store and forward customer service 

     e) Self service website for customer access to information and personal account information.

     f) E-commerce site for online customer purchases or scheduling 24*7*365

     g) Payroll and human resources for employees 

     h) Real time customer service via website, e-mail, or telephone requires customer relationship management(CRM).

     i) Network management and technical support 

     j) Marketing and events

     k) Sales orders or customer or student registration 

    l) Remote branch office sales- order entry to remote branches 

    m) Voice and e-mail communications to remote branches 

    n) Accounting and finance support : accounts payable, accounts receivable etc.

 4) In your lab report file, list the IT systems, applications and resources that are impacted for above stated functions ( please state for each of that functions).

5) In your browser please navigate to the below mentioned link which has the article titled as “Using Business impact analysis (BIA) template” for guidelines on writing a business impact analysis. Consult the article for the meaning of the terms recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO)


6) Please explain the Recovery Time objective for each of the impacted IT systems, applications and resources.

7) Write a four paragraph executive summary that includes the following:

a) Goals and purpose of the BIA (unique to your scenario)

b) Summary of findings (Business functions and assessment)

c) Prioritizations (critical, major and minor classifications)

d)IT systems and applications impacted (to support the defined recovery time objectives)

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