Pjm 6500 project management midterm exam new/pjm 6500 project


1. Which of these countries is NOT identified in the text as having a developing economy with a substantial market?

A) Russia 

B) China 

C) India 

D) Europe

2. Low inflation is a trigger for improved project management skills because: 

A) Rampant cost increases must be passed along to the consumer

B) Internal process improvement is accomplished via project management

C) Lower inflation means narrower product launch windows

D) Global markets are a prerequisite for low inflation

3. The Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide definition of a project indicates that a project is:

A) Multifunctional

B) Permanent

C) Designed to avoid using human resources

D) Not limited by a budget

4. The acronym PMBoK stands for: 

A) The Personal Management Before or Kernel. 

B) The Project Movement Behind our Kernel.

C) The Project Management Body of Knowledge. 

D) The Performance Measurement Body of Knowledge.

5. Which of the following is NOT a project constraint? 

A) The budget 

B) The customer requirements 

C) The schedule 

D) The technical specifications

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