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 FIRST, watch the first video below which shows you some general advice about presenting an academic research poster at a conference.

 NEXT, watch the second video below which was a short recording of a brief poster presentation by Dr. Shannon Lea Watkins at the 2017 Annual Fall Research Conference for the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management.


Once you have WATCHED BOTH videos, answer the two questions posed below. Please provide at least 2-3 sentences per question in your response to earn full credit.

[A] Describe your observations about the presenter herself (Dr. Shannon Lea Watkins). How was her overall appearance; how was she dressed? How was the volume of her voice? What do you think of her enthusiasm and engagement level on the topic that she was presenting? What other comments or impressions do you have about this presenter? (Important: Please do not comment on the quality of this YouTube video as that is irrelevant to this discussion. Focus only on the actual content and presentation. If you answer all these questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, you may earn up to 2 points).

[B] Reflecting on what you learned from the first video above, discuss what you think about Dr. Watkins’ poster presentation in terms of (1) the structure and content of the poster itself AND (2) the logistical challenges of a poster session during a conference such as this one.  (If you answer both parts of this question thoughtfully and thoroughly, you may earn up to 3 points). 

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