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Due in Unit 5

As your company grows, you as a leadership team need to determine your path of growth and what resources you will need to support your growth plans. “To ensure your company’s success into the future, you should know where your business currently lies on its evolutionary path, and how it can get to the next stage of business growth” (Ortlieb, 2021, para 2). The decisions the leadership team makes on how to grow and how to seek resources of all types are critical to future success. For this team assignment, you will work together to complete the Business Assessment and Improvement Plan template below and use it as a base for a 15–20 slide PowerPoint presentation. Your goal for this assignment is to create a plan that will provide you with the best support possible to achieve your goals before the end of gameplay.

This PowerPoint will be both text and audio based with each team member presenting at least one slide. This tutorial can help you if you are unsure about how to include audio. The structure of the slides, content, and presentation will be up to the team as long as all information is included.

This assignment, as all of the other written assignments, will take you beyond the confines of the simulation into a more real-life application.

Business Assessment and Future Planning Template

  1. Company Details including
    1. Team Name
    2. Mission Statement
    3. Corporate Culture
    4. Corporate Objectives
    5. Strategic Thrusts
    6. Target
  2. Current state assessment
    1. Leadership team
      1. Introductions including personal brand statement and personal goals selected from the simulation
      2. Team roles and responsibilities- how selected, team norms
      3. Assessment of Leadership team performance- where were you strong as a leadership team and where were your weak spots
      4. Description of role each team member performed in the creation of this assignment
    2. Operational Review of company performance
      1. SWOT for all operational areas
      2. Causal analysis for SWOT entries. What was the cause or basis for each of these SWOT entries?
  3. Future State: Strategy for the next two quarters in business (What will it take to get ahead or stay ahead?)
    1. Leadership team growth
    2. Marketing Strategy
    3. Sales Channel Strategy
    4. Human Resource Strategy
    5. Manufacturing Strategy
    6. Financial Strategy
  4. Plans for seeking resources assistance
    1. Identify the need for a resource(s). How would this resource help the team succeed?
    2. List the resource or resource, i.e., Venture Capital Funding, Business Mentoring
    3. Create a plan for accessing the resource. Include any requirements by the resource

When you are ready, please designate one member of your team to submit your report to the Unit 5 Assignment Dropbox before the end of the unit. It is critical to have only one team member submit the report. If multiple team members submit and the versions are different, the instructor will have no way to determine which is the correct version.


Ortlieb, E. (2021, July 27). The 4 stages of growth: How small businesses develop & evolve. Fast Capital 360. https://www.fastcapital360.com/blog/4-stages-business-growth/

————————-PLEASE READ DETAILS BELOW———————————-

This is a team assignment and I am in charge of certain slides. I am responsible for all the slides that have a a “0” next to them which are slides 2-5. I am also responsible for slide 16 the “Marketing strategy slide”. 

My group is currently in quarter 4 our our simulation making and selling 3D bikes called Pedaling Innovation.  

this is the were our simulation is located game.ilsworld.com

Will communicate login information so you can get information into our company so you can make the slides base on that info. 


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