Project management unit i article review

Unit I Article Review

locate a recent article (less than 5 years old) that discusses one or more of the five essential areas (process groups) of project management. 

Address the following in your article review:

1. Summarize the article, and discuss the main points of the article.

2. Explain how the article addresses the theoretical aspects of project management.

3. Discuss the relevance of this article with respect to the development of project scope and the organizational structure

of the project.

4. What questions might you pose to the author of this article?

Your response should be a minimum of two pages in length, be double-spaced, and typed using 12-point Times New

Roman font. References should include the article from the CSU Online Library and one additional credible source. All

sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA style.

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