Project proposal – controlling and leading


Part 4 – Controlling and Leading

A. Controlling

The next function of management is controlling.  Now that you have designed the way you will run the event and how each facet will be handled, you need to decide what you want to control/monitor, and how you will do so. For this week’s first proposal section, describe how you will control each of these operational functions:

· staff

· inventory (donations)

· revenue

B. Leading

The final function of management you will carry out, and one of the most important for the overall success of the event, is leading. In this week’s proposal section, describe how you will lead/manage your team. You also need to evaluate and summarize your test results from the week one ungraded/survey-type quiz, and explain why you agree or disagree on if the findings truly represent you.

· You are required two outside references other than the textbook for each of the three parts for a total of at least six references for your final proposal submission

Take This Important Quiz: Are You a Better Manager or Leader?


16-25 points: Phil Jackson

You’re good at handling the complexities of a game with many players. You can make adjustments on the fly to keep everyone focused on winning today’s game. You have a strategy for the season, but you also believe you can only play one game at a time. You know how to handle a myriad of intense personalities and get them going in the same direction even if they don’t all play at their best.

A company needs you because the world changes and you can’t run everything the same way forever. You have the ability to take the team members through minor disruptions and get them to improve processes along the way while keeping them happy and satisfied.

You can improve your output by engaging the team in the real numbers of the business. You’ll quickly surface hidden talents and energy that will make your team stand out.

Read The Great Game Of Business by Jack Stack and Bo Burlingham to learn how.

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