Resource loading

Resource loading assigns the appropriate resource to the appropriate amount of time needed for each activity. Resource loading gives you a reality check on your project’s original schedule. You may become aware of constraints in your project such as misallocation of people or lack of needed resources. You may find flaws in your WBS and in your schedule.

To address these constraints, you will need to Resource Level, or smooth your project. You may need to shift non-critical tasks to later dates in order to maximize the use of your personnel without disrupting the delivery dates for your project.

Your assignment is to:

•Develop a resource loading table using MS Project.

•Use the resource leveling feature in MS Project to level your project. Assume that each of your people is devoting 40 hours per week on this project.

•Respond in a one-page Word document to these questions:

◦What was your initial project baseline?

◦How did resource leveling affect the baseline?

◦Did you move your completion date out? If so, by how much?

Refer to page 390 for an example of a Resource Loading Table in your textbook: Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage, by Jeffrey Pinto, 3rd Edition.                                                                                         

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