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With the staff I am provided with, as charge Nurse, Delegation of the proper patient insures safety of the staff and patients. Patient care requires many time-consuming tasks, delegation is a vital tool to helping nurses spend their time in the most productive ways possible (University, 2017) Registered nurses have the ability to delegate tasks to several different kinds of healthcare professionals, including licensed nurses and nursing assistants, though the precise duties of each role vary from state to state (University,2017). Delegation is a task that all nurses must understand and execute for appropriate care management. For the following situation, the following decisions would be made if I were Charge Nurse.

The 76 year old patient with a motor Vehicle accident would be assigned to the Rn with 12 years of trauma Experience. The Registered Nurse With 8 years of med-surg experience would have 2 patients in which I would help assist with. The two patients are the 24 year old that requires discharge teaching and the 38 year old with Kidney stones. For the Restored Nurse with 6 months of ED experience I would give the 80 year old no bowel movement. This patient will require a full work up and prompt care.

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