Soc 120 week 1 quiz – a graded – best tutorial – all questions

Question 1.The harm principle states 

Question 2.A justified belief is 

Question 3.Which of the following examples best demonstrates to most people that ethical progress has taken place over the past 200 years? 

Question 4.Which of the following is a claim that utilitarian might use to argue that prayer should not be allowed in school? 

Question 5.Those who argue that one’s ethical values must be evaluated in terms of one’s culture and traditions are called 

Question 6.Which human action might present problems of consistency for the moral relativist? 

Question 7.Which statement might be used to argue that pornography should be more tightly regulated?

Question 8.Ethics is the study of 

Question 9.One who believes in a social contract theory would most agree with which statement? 

Question 10.One objection to virtue ethics is that


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