system administrator duties


The system administrator duties including the monitoring the systems to ensure the secure, reliable, and authorized access.

Security methods can include:

  • Application hardware such as firewalls, proxy servers and DMZ
  • Protection methods such as intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Honeypots and decoy-based intrusion-detection technology
  • Auditing, network monitoring, and packet analysis software such as Wireshark, SNMP
  • Account access control management

 Complete a 2-3-page paper with an abstract and conclusion(plus cover sheet and reference page) that:

1. Give an example of an application hardware, describes the use for protection with the pros and cons. Outline the type of risks you would be addressing with this protection.

2. Select an example of an intrusion detection and prevention system. Give a description outlining the pros and cons. What risks would this provide protection?

3. Detail the use of auditing and network monitoring and what should be observed for securing the infrastructure.

4. Discuss account management and access control.

5. What role do security policies provide the organization?

6. What should be included in an incident response plan?

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