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CO4403: Referral Coursework 1 Assignment 2019-20

Deadline: Midnight 7th August 2020 

Weighting: 50% of Overall Module Mark

This is a referral assignment meaning the maximum mark you can  achieve is 50% and you must achieve a mark of 50% in order to pass. 


Learning outcomes tested in this assignment:



Explain and use key programming constructs to create correct and efficient programs 



Design, and implement Object-Oriented programs



Develop technical software solutions to complex problems 

1. Design Task – 10%

Write your full name down the ‘A’ column in the table below one character in each row omitting  spaces and punctuation. If you full name is not long enough just repeat  it. The combination of column A and B give you the names of classes and  methods to use in your assignment. For example, if your name was  ‘Daniel …’ this would give you DParentClass, aChild1Class, nChild2Class  etc 







Parent Class, stores an array of type String and an array of type int



Child Class 1 inherits from Parent Class, stores an array of type double



Child Class 2 inherits from Parent Class, stores an array of type long



Public method in Parent Class, 2x int as parameters, returns a String



Public method in Parent Class, 2x String as parameters, returns an int



Public method in Child Class 1, 2x float as parameters, returns a double



Public method in Child Class 1, 3x String as parameters, returns a double



Private method in Child Class 1, 2x Double as parameters, returns a long



Public method in Child Class 2, 2x boolean as parameters, returns a String



Private method in Child Class 2, 2x String as parameters, returns a String



Public method in Child Class 2, 3x long as parameters, returns a String

Using the information from the table above hand-draw a UML Class diagram on paper, ensure that:

· you use the correct notation for relationships between classes,

· class names are correct,

· method names are correct,

· method parameters/return types are correct,

· class instance variables are correct,

· variables are named appropriately,

· access modifiers are shown where appropriate, you are free to  choose which modifier to apply where this is not mentioned in the table  above. 

You do not need to include class constructors in your UML diagram.  Take a photo of your UML diagram and submit it through blackboard. 

2. Development Task – 35%

You need to work through the following series of tasks in order; your  mark will depend on your progress and the quality of the work you have  done. You only need to submit your finished code after you have  completed all tasks. 

Task 1: Implement the UML Class diagram you have created in Java code, ensure the classes are in separate files.  

Task 2: Create a driver program that creates instances of all  classes, calls all methods with appropriate parameters, and outputs the  results to the console. 

Task 3: Add code into each method to act on the parameters and use  them to generate an appropriate return value. You need to decide how to  do this based on the parameters and return type of a method. For  example, if given ‘3x String as parameters, returns a double’ you could  convert all Strings to doubles (using Double.parseDouble or similar) and  then return the highest. 

Task 4: Add constructor methods to each of the 3 classes and use them to initialize instance variables.

Task 5: Extend Task 3 so the class instance variables are acted upon  (ie data added and retrieved) in at least one method in each class. 

Task 6: Ensure your driver program demonstrates that you have  completed all the tasks, particularly that the methods act on given  parameters (Task 3) and that methods act upon class instance variables  (Task 5)

You will be expected to submit your entire source code (and Eclipse  project). Your code must be commented, and you must include a separate  document of references to any resources you used in the development of  your application (books, web sites, forums etc).

3. Video Demo – 5%

Once your development is complete you must create a video  demonstration which explains and justifies how you implemented task 3  and task 5 using the output of your driver program to demonstrates that  your code works successfully. This should be a screen capture video with  voice-over of your explanation. This demo is worth 5% and must be no  longer than 5 minutes. The video demo is critical part of the assignment where you show how you have met the marking criteria.  

Marking Criteria

Part 1 – Design (Worth 10% of this Assignment)

To obtain 5% you must have produced something recognizable as a UML class which aligns with the brief. 

To obtain 10%, you will have produced a correctly constructed UML  diagram showing relationships between classes and correct class/method  names with only very minor mistakes. 

Part 2 – Development Task (Worth 35% of this Assignment)

To obtain 10% you must have completely implemented your given UML  diagrams into Java objects, your code must compile and have a driver  program which creates objects and calls methods. 

To obtain 25%, in addition to the above, you must have completed Task  3 successfully (with only very minor mistakes) and evidenced  application of key Java programming constructs (such as if conditional  or for loops).

To obtain 35%, in addition to the above, you must have completed all  tasks successfully (with only very minor mistakes). Implementations of  tasks 3 and 5 will show understanding and application of key Java  programming constructs. Your source code will be appropriately organized  and commented.

Part 3 –Demo (5% of this Assignment)

To obtain 5% for the demo you must have demonstrated a working  and interactive Java SE application conforming to the assignment  specification and clearly explain key technical aspects of Java code  applied in the implementation tasks 3 and 5. 

Submission of assignment work

Submit all your code, video demo, and any other documentation on Blackboard by the deadline at the top of this document. 

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